Fan Mountains


The Fan Mountains are an alpine area of outstanding beauty and character. For decades virtually unknown to the western world, the “Fanski Gori” ranked among the most popular mountain destinations in the Soviet Union – en par with the Caucasus and Pamir. Its lush alpine meadows, juniper forests and dozens of turquoise lakes embedded in an ocean of snow-capped peaks indeed make the area a paradise for hiking and alpinism.
The area offers excellent treks of varying difficulty ranging from a few hours to a week in length. They will lead you along unspoilt rivers and lakes where shepherds graze their flocks and up to spectacular passes overseeing a world of rock and ice.

The Fan Mountains are unique in terms of their microclimate  too. Featuring extraordinarily stable weather and very low precipitation throughout the summer months, the area is among the safest alpine destinations worldwide in terms of reliably good weather. The best time for visiting is May-October for trekking and July-September for mountaineering.

Almost all tours start at one of the mountain lakes that are so typical for the area. Gouged out by glacial activity or formed by major rock falls that have blocked rivers, each of the lakes has its specific color and mystical powers attributed by local folklore. Among the most popular is Lake Iskanderkul – a result of both its legendary beauty and the ease of access. A good asphalt road winds up the valley to the lake which has its name derived from Alexander the Great – in Persian called “Iskander”. He camped at Iskanderkul’s shore during one of his campaigns en route to India. According to one of the many legends originating from this time, Alexander’s famous battlehorse Bucephalus drowned in the lake – and to this day may be seen racing over its surface at full moon. The lake empties into the river Iskandariya which near the source forms an impressive waterfall of 40m height. A platform allows spectators to stand right above the thunderous torrent.


Allaudin Lakes

The Allaudin lakes are located in the very heart of the Fan Mountains close to the highest peaks of the area. They are embedded into a unique landscape consisting of huge boulders (the result of a massive rockfall thousands of years ago) and a carpet of grasses, moss and flowers. The ice cold water is crystal clear and of a deep green colour. Allaudin lakes are a popular starting point for trekkers and climbers and arguably one of the most beautiful spots in the Zerafshan region. On a height of 2635 m the mounteneering camp "Vertikal-Alaudin" is located just 1,5 km away from the stunning lake Alaudins.



Kulikolon Lakes


A good half-day walk over a high pass to the east of Allaudin and right at the foot Chimtarga lie the spectacular Kulikolon lakes. An assembly of twelve lakes and ponds of varying size, the area is particularly popular with shepherds grazing their flocks on the surrounding pastures and in the shadow of juniper trees. Despite of their high elevation, the Kulikolon lakes are relatively warm and it is possible to take a refreshing bath.



Seven Lakes

The Seven Lakes (in Tajik “Haft Kul”) are located in the westernmost part of the Fan Mountains. They are easiest accessible from Penjikent. Set in a rough and barren mountain landscape, the seven beauties of Shing, as they are called reminiscent of an old local tale, change their color according to the daylight. Several homestays have recently been built at their shores. The sixth lake “Marguzor” is both the biggest and the most beautiful of all. Starting point for most excursions is the village of Shing, where accommodation and transport logistics including porter donkeys are available.


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